Future-Proof Your Business

We specialize in building bespoke software solutions and tools for AI-assisted data analytics. From startups to large enterprises, our broad experience in building best-in-class software can help you transform your business.


Artificial Intelligence
We can help you transform your business with AI, improving operational efficiency and cost savings.
Software Infrastructure
We can help you build software in all stages of its lifecycle, from MVP to enterprise production systems.
Data Science
We can generate insights for your business using the latest techniques in data science.
Data Engineering
We can augment your team's decision making with data infrastructure.

Meet the team

Dayton Thorpe has 7 years of experience in data science, including as a Senior Data Scientist at Instacart. He previously earned a Physics PhD at UC Berkeley and holds a patent for optimizing insulin dosing for type 1 diabetics with automated insulin pumps.
Ian Kinsey has 12 years of experience in full-stack software engineering, including as a Staff Software Engineer at LiveRamp and Senior Software Engineer at Uber.

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