Launching the Dubo GPT

January 05, 2024

ChatGPT lets anyone ask data questions without being an expert in skills like Python or SQL. It still has a few shortcomings as a data analytics assistant:

  • Lack of context. An infinitely skilled AI wouldn’t be able to answer questions about your business if it lacked access to proprietary information, like how you define your metrics.
  • Data limitations. Sharing your data with ChatGPT is impractical if you have a corporate database with thousands of tables, since you’ll quickly exceed file size and context limits.
  • Limited SQL capabilities. By the best benchmarks, GPT-4 is well below human performance at writing SQL.

Dubo is designed to fix these shortcomings. Our new GPT brings Dubo to ChatGPT to combine Dubo’s skills as a data scientist with ChatGPT’s skills as a generalist. Ask a question and Dubo will write and execute the SQL and share the results. This has a few advantages over vanilla ChatGPT:

  • Database documentation. Dubo uses database documentation like your dbt metrics to give the AI context necessary to answer questions about your business.
  • Live database connections. You’re no longer limited to loading small CSVs. Dubo can select the right set of tables to answer questions about large corporate databases.
  • State-of-the-art SQL skills. Dubo is the best LLM-based tool for writing SQL, significantly better than the GPT-4 baseline.

The Dubo GPT lets you combine Dubo’s strength in writing SQL with ChatGPT’s native ability to make visualizations with Python.

Dubo + ChatGPT

Try it out by signing up for Dubo and chatting with the Dubo GPT.