Announcing the Dubo SQL Editor

March 25, 2024

Data teams hate getting distracted from their strategic goals by ad hoc requests and their business partners hate waiting on them for answers, or at least that was our experience in big tech. To help data scientists and their business partners alike, we’ve built Dubo, an AI powered SQL editor. Dubo can be:

A copilot to help you write your SQL faster.

Dubo Copilot

Or a chatbot to write SQL for you.

Dubo Chatbot

Onboarding Dubo is easy: 1. Connect your database. For teams with extra security concerns, share a text file of your db schema instead of a database connection. 2. Upload database documentation. 3. Write custom instructions describing your business. 4. Tell Dubo when it makes a mistake. It takes notes to learn from your feedback.

Why isn’t this just another ChatGPT wrapper? Dubo set a record for text-to-SQL performance on the BIRD-SQL benchmark and remains the top-performing commercial model. The core model is enabled by a multi-step pipeline for writing the SQL that answers your question: 1. Select tables and extract documentation to answer your question. 2. Write draft SQL. 3. Block any hallucinated columns or tables. 4. AI auto-corrections for syntax errors on execution.

Try it out and let us know what you think!